About the Author

     Mapping Miracles: Workable Ways to Meaningful Magic, authored by Ralph Felder, a Certified Quality Engineer (retired), introduces a scientific learning approach to magic. Creative and critical thinking concepts are applied to inventing magic routines and incorporating them into successful magic acts. Similar principles are employed to improve magic acts by identifying and improving weak areas, and to deal with the unexpected.

Setting goals and creating a plan  to accomplish them plus adjusting for specific audiences and venues are developed. The innovative application of Outcome-Based Evaluation as a tool to evaluate each plan’s effectiveness, provides a proven pathway constructed to identify and address deficiencies.           Application of these principles results in  high quality  performances that meet your standards for audience entertainment and personal satisfaction.

Twenty fully scripted routines covering the three fundamental magic classes: Parlor Magic, Stage Magic, and Close-up Magic were written and scripted by the author. Complemented with lucid illustrations, the twenty routines are used as examples of the various principles of magic presented.

Mapping Miracles is for magicians new to performing quality magic and semi-professionals desiring to improve their acts with potential to move into the professional level. Its teaching approach challenges and mentally stimulates the reader.

A magical illusion is an extremely fragile thing. Like a delicate soap bubble, it can easily be burst by sharp objects, sudden movement, or even a gust of wind.